so [1] ADVERB 1) to such a great extent. 2) extremely; very much. 3) to the same extent: he isn't so bad as you'd think 4) referring back to something previously mentioned. 5) similarly. 6) in the way described or demonstrated; thus.
CONJUNCTION 1) and for this reason; therefore. 2) (so that) with the result or aim that. 3) and then. 4) introducing a question or concluding statement. 5) in the same way; correspondingly.
and so on (or forth) — Cf. ↑and so forth
or so — Cf. ↑or so
so be it — Cf. ↑so be it
so long! — Cf. ↑so long!
so much as — Cf. ↑so much as
so to speak (or say) — Cf. ↑so to speak
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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